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The Center for Gary Snyder Studies run by Dr. Joan Qionglin Tan and her team focuses on the study of the contemporary American eco-poet Gary Snyder (1930– ) and other creative eco-works done by some famous writers and lovers of nature. It aims to attract more and more scholars and students around the world to show their concerns to the interconnectedness between human and nature, nature and culture through the case study of Snyder's eco-works, his eco-activities and his eclecticism of adapting great subcultures in his literary production.
The Center also provides a platform for those who are interested in creative writing based on the motif of nature. It advocates the worldwide eco-character education programme in a hope of establishing one ecosystem for all. Character first, environment protection and subcultural adaptation may lead you to a dreamy land where you can fully express your natural abilities and enjoy your life, both daily and academic. In Snyder’s notion, this is called ‘the real work’.

Dr. Joan Qionglin Tan
The Center for Gary Snyder Studies
The School of Foreign Languages & International Studies
Hunan University
Changsha, Hunan Province
China, 410082



The last stanza of Gary Snyder’s poem, ‘For All’, from Axe Handles, is chosen to be the eco-manifesto of the Centre, for it articulates one’s dedication to all sentient beings on the land and one’s best wishes of establishing one ecosystem throughout the world. In order to express an individual’s allegiance within his/her own cultural context, one can slightly adapt ‘Turtle Island’ into ‘this beautiful, sacred land’, a neutral phrase suitable for all. According to Snyder, ‘Turtle Island’ is ‘the old/new name for the continent, based on many creation myths of the people who have been living here for millennia, and reapplied by some of them to “North America” in recent years’. 

   I pledge allegiance to the soil                                  

                     of Turtle Island,

    and to the beings who thereon dwell

                    one ecosystem

                    in diversity

                    under the sun

     With joyful interpenetration for all.  

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